Savina Atai - Nikolina Teslina of ancient self-healing treasures & exercises for the modern lifestyle

7-times best-selling author of the novel Really Messy Enlightenment & Juicy Ovaries’, beloved TV personality, and a renowned teacher with more than 40,000 students in the small country of Slovenia. Her new book titled ‘Enlightened Trauma’ is based on a true story.


As a child Savina was unwillingly baptised in 6 religions, received more than 100 spiritual initiations, and was trained in the most advanced yoga, Taoist, and shamanic techniques. She has survived intense emotional trauma and sexual abuse.

Her story is proof that regardless of the hand we were dealt in our past, or what we have gone through in life, we can transform our trauma into the wind in our sails and use its energy to change the world.

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The most heavily guarded secret of the ancient masters of rejuvenation and self-healing is to completely merge with nature’s cycles and embody this union through one’s individual cyclicality.

This is The Woman’s Lifting Clock. It lets you know what time it is in nature and in your body and tells you know what to do to strengthen yourself at exactly the right time.

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Yogini Face Lifting Workout is your cosmetic surgeon, psychotherapist guardian against stress, valut of inspiration and creativity, and your personal physicial all in one. Not only will this workout activate your inner Wi-Fi of health and prosperity it will also visibly rejuvenate you.

By exercising your cranial muscles, you increase circulation to the brain and the oxygenation of your body.

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There are 5 women living within you. Every single one of them is linked to a specific internal organ and gland in your body. She is also connected to certain emotions, virtues, and inner strengths.

The more you nourish and nurture all 5 Women within you, the more abundance you have in all aspects of your life.

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